Innosuisse Flagship GreenHub

Integrated local seasonal energy storage to close the winter electricity gap

research and
implementation partners

project goals

The primary goal of GreenHub is to develop systemic and innovative approaches for the production, conversion, storage (in the summer-winter period) and management of renewable energies and waste streams in order to increase the resilience of the energy system at times of peak demand.

The scientific goal is to provide a working solution for Living Lab technologies (HTE, methanol, ammonia, olefins, aluminum).

The technological goal is to demonstrate the GreenHub systemic innovation, which will include energy storage in green fuels.

The economic goal is to demonstrate the concept and assess the costs of the GreenHub systemic innovation at the pilot stage.

The overall social and environmental goals are to provide a safe and environmentally friendly method of seasonal energy storage.


Visit to KVA Horgen to find the best location for the research facility with implement and research partners of the GreenHub project

April 2024

  • Dariusz Nowak, Project Manager