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Next General Meeting on 10 July 2024 @ OST, Rapperswil

On site visit @KVA Horgen

As part of the Innosuisse Flagship GreenHub, there was an on-site meeting of the research and implement partners involved in the project, which are responsible for setting up the research plant for the GreenHub @KVA Horgen.

Various locations within the Horgen waste incineration plant were inspected and assessed. An initial decision on where to build the research plant has been made and will now be reviewed immediately.

April 2024

Press release from February 8, 2024

Waste incineration plants as a stabilizer for the Swiss energy system

Waste incineration plants (WIP) are already multi-talented today. Heat and metals are recovered from the incinerated waste and electricity is produced. 16 Swiss research partners now want to go three steps further. They want to convert the waste products from the waste into synthetic fuels such as hydrogen and thus store surplus energy from renewable energy in summer for use in winter. The hydrogen can also be converted into raw materials for the chemical and plastics industries together with the waste gases from the waste incineration plant. In addition, the climate-damaging CO2  produced during the incineration of the waste can be reused directly on site as a raw material.

GreenHub Kick-Off Meeting

To lauch the Innosuisse Flagship GreenHub project, the 16 partners of the consrotium met on February 6, 2024 in Rapperswil-Jona.

This consortium has the primary goal to develop systemic and innovative approaches for the production, conversion and storage of energy in green liquid fuels using raw materials supplied, for example by waste incineration plants in order to increase the resilience of the energy system at times of peak demand.