Innosuisse Flagship GreenHub 

The GreenHub project aims to demonstrate how Switzerland’s energy self-sufficiency can be increased. This is to be achieved through the intelligent use of synergies between different technologies, such as the conversion of locally generated heat, CO2 and electricity into chemically storable energy sources. The objective is to close the winter electricity gap of 9 TWh and thus maintain a robust year-round energy supply for Switzerland. This is being demonstrated at regional level through the establishment of a Green Energy Hub.

The Horgen waste incineration plant serves as a real laboratory and is substantially involved in the project as an implementation partner. A significant part of the research results from the four-year project will be tested in Horgen using prototypes in real operation and examined for their scalability for other waste recycling and industrial plants. During the duration of the project, guided tours will also be offered on site to give interested members of the public an insight into the research results and the potential of Green Energy Hubs for a sustainable energy supply.

The GreenHub project consists of a consortium of 7 research and 9 implementation partners from different regions of Switzerland.

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Greenhub Flagship is supported by Innosuisse.